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Art has been a continuum throughout my life: a constant thread running back to my earliest memories. It’s part of my family folklore. Image making has been a sort of refuge in times of despair, and a place for celebration in times of joy. When the flow is on, it fills my dreams and meditations. In short, it’s where I go to process both personal and global events.

I believe our existence as human beings is inextricably linked, and the realm of our experience is universal. What we have are variations on common themes. In response to this, my paintings have become little secular “prayers” for humanity, and celebrations and reminders of our inseparable ties to nature. I incorporate narrative with color and pattern to reflect my love of folk art.

I spent my formative years in rural South Carolina. Though rated 48th in education at the time, surprisingly S.C. was second only to New York in the amount of government funding for the arts. My early arts education gave me a solid foundation upon which I’ve built much of my worldview. I went on to study fine art at the California College of Arts in Oakland and at the University of CA., Santa Cruz. I currently live and work in Aptos, CA.